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Medical Advertising Overhaul Needed to Protect Patients

Featured on ABC’s Four Corners program recently was an insight by Journalist Louise Milligan into the misleading advertising practices of Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia, from the lure of glamorous posts on social media like Instagram and YouTube, to the widespread misrepresentation of doctors claiming to be Plastic Surgeons. The story included interviews with Associate Professor… Read more »

Cheap breast implants marketed to women on welfare, with devastating consequences | News | 13 August 2018 Featured on the ABC’s website recently was an alarming story on low-cost breast implant surgeries being performed by ‘cosmetic surgeons’ and the complications that can occur following surgery. The story further highlights the impact Australia’s lack of regulations has surrounding ‘cosmetic surgeons’ and their unofficial title, which misleads… Read more »

What you need to know before undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery | Beauty | 5 April 2018 Story by Rebecca Sullivan In Australia there are no rules preventing dodgy, unqualified doctors from passing themselves off as “cosmetic surgeons”. Here’s how to choose a surgeon that will get it right the first go. Cosmetic surgery is no longer the sneaky, shameful secret it once was. Women… Read more »


Specialist – The one word that could change your plastic surgery journey

The Daily Telegraph | March 2018 Ensuring safety throughout your plastic surgery journey is as important as the procedure you’ve been researching and the result you’re after. According to Professor Mark Ashton, President of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are ways to minimise hazards. While all surgical procedures carry risk, the chance is… Read more »

Unregulated Cosmetic ‘Cowboy Doctor’

Featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair recently was a worrying story highlighting the impact Australia’s lax regulations are having on some breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery patients. Sydney’s Dr Les Blackstock is a GP performing cosmetic procedures on women and leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. Read more…

Beauticate Review

Our clinic was reviewed by leading cosmetic blogger, Amy Mattes-Harris from Beauticate. Read what she thought of her experience here.