Medical-Grade Skincare

Recent advances in skincare technology have seen a surge in the use of medical-strength skincare products, otherwise known as ‘cosmeceuticals’, to correct skin problems and dramatically improve skin condition.

As Perth skincare experts, Assure Cosmetic Centre stocks a complete range of medical-grade and prescription skin products. They have a much higher potency and efficacy than anything else on the market and are only available through accredited medical clinics like Assure. Their use must be professionally monitored, as prescription creams are involved.

If you’d like to see real change in your skin, start by having a consultation with one of our experienced dermal therapists. We can diagnose the right plan and products for your skin.

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Developed by Assure Cosmetic Centre, CS-Actives (Clinical Skin Actives) is a range of compounded prescription and non-prescription skincare containing the most clinically proven active ingredients for reducing skin ageing and other skin conditions.

The CS-Actives pharmacological and bioactive cosmeceutical ranges are specially compounded to ensure the highest standards of clinical strength and product quality. They can be prescribed either individually or in combination depending on your skin type and condition.

Understanding the fundamentals of anti-ageing skincare and the important active compounds you need to be using is essential self-care knowledge. This includes that prescription-strength compounds can be significantly more effective than over-the-counter cosmeceutical products.

Assure offers 30-minute consultations with our Dermal Therapists for $50, fully rebateable against any treatment or skincare product purchase.

Getting the expert assistance of a qualified Dermal Therapist who can recommend an individually tailored at-home skin care regime is a critical part of slowing the skin ageing process.


Prescription-strength skincare range Obagi, a leading brand from the US, is able to transform skin at a deep, cellular level. Fine lines and wrinkles, photodamage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne and rosacea are all treatable, with visible improvements occurring within 4-6 weeks. So effective are the results, many women ‘go naked’ after a course of treatment, doing away with regular make-up. Obagi is available only through plastic surgeons and accredited medical clinics and must be professionally monitored, as prescription creams are involved. To view the Obagi range available at Assure Cosmetic Centre, click here.

Speak to Assure’s dermal therapists to find out more about Obagi products or visit the Obagi website.


SkinCeuticals provides advanced skincare that can correct signs of ageing, protect healthy skin and prevent future damage. Breakthrough antioxidants and high-potency formulas are concentrated in pure actives to penetrate optimally into the skin.

Speak to Assure’s dermal therapists about SkinCeuticals’ products or visit the SkinCeuticals website.


Perfect for sensitive skin, Medik8 was the world’s first ‘green’ cosmeceutical range. Targeting various skin concerns, all Medik8 products:

  • are non-irritating – with no reduction in potency
  • use bio-available ingredients
  • use green chemistry technology
  • are 100% soap-free
  • contain no harsh detergents
  • are SLES, SLS and sulphate-free
  • are 100% paraben-free
  • have environmental group FSC- approved packaging

Speak to Assure’s dermal therapists about Medik8 products or visit the Medik8 website.

ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health was developed by Dr Zein Obagi, MD – an innovative, world-renowned dermatologist and formulator. ZO Skin Health uses concentrated formulas with high-potency ingredients. Delivering clinically-proven results, the range is designed to maintain healthy skin that is strong, smooth and firm, evenly toned, and fully hydrated.

Speak to Assure’s dermal therapists about ZO Skin Health products or visit the ZO Skin Health website.


Founded in 1984 in Spain, Mesoestetic is a multinational pharmaceutical company combining biotechnology and cosmetics to create skincare formulas that achieve dramatic results. Today, Mesoestetic is at the forefront of gold-standard corrective medical skincare.

The Mesoestetic product portfolio includes regular skincare, an anti-acne range, SPF 50+ UVA/UVB sunscreens, haircare products for thinning hair, and anti-cellulite body treatments. Products feature such advanced formulas as Mesoéclat® and the most current concepts in stem cell and radiance DNA. The brand’s signature treatment is Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatment, which targets hyperpigmentation and dull skin while reducing the appearance of ageing skin and improving clarity.

Speak to Assure’s dermal therapists about Mesoestetic products or visit the Mesoestetic website.

Aspect Skincare

The Aspect Skincare range of cosmeceuticals has been expertly engineered with the latest cutting-edge ingredient technology to revitalise and hydrate, revealing radiant looking skin.

We currently stock a very limited range of Aspect Sun and Aspect Minerals products.

Speak to Assure’s dermal therapists about Aspect Skincare or visit the Aspect Skincare website.

DP Dermaceuticals COVER RECOVER

DP Dermaceuticals COVER RECOVER is revolutionary. Not only does it assist with hiding any blemishes, redness, or irritation, the medicating actives in the foundation aid in your skin's healing after rejuvenation treatments, such as medical skin needling.

It is a must-have for your daily beauty regimen because of the long-lasting natural coverage and efficient camouflage formula, which is available in various tones.

With its abundance of potent anti-ageing vitamins, botanicals, peptides, probiotics, and hyaluronic acid, it also aids in moisturising the skin after treatment and speeds up skin renewal.

Speak to Assure’s dermal therapists about DP Dermaceutical COVER RECOVER or visit the DP Dermaceuticals website.

Jan Marini

Jan Marini Skin Research is a professional-only skincare company, founded in 1994, dedicated to new product innovation and results.

They believe skincare should address primary skin concerns while enhancing and maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. Their award-winning products offer a broad range of simple, comprehensive solutions for all ages and skin types.

Speak to Assure’s Dermal Therapists about Jan Marini products or visit the Jan Marini website.

We Are Feel Good Inc.

Australian owned and made, We Are Feel Good Inc. sunscreen and sun care products are free from preservatives, PABAs, parabens, oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Made with nourishing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich ingredients, these hydrating and gentle formulas will pair perfectly with your medical-grade skincare products from Assure Cosmetic Centre.

It's the sunscreen you can FEEL GOOD about.