Ear (Otoplasty)

Ear correction surgery in Perth or ‘otoplasty’ is a cosmetic procedure to correct prominent ears by setting them back closer to the head.

Otoplasty in Perth

In Perth, ear surgery to correct protruding ears is usually performed after the age of 5 or 6. Ear surgery can also be performed on adults. There are generally no additional risks associated with ear surgery in adults.

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To find out if ear surgery in Perth is right for you, the first step is to book a consultation with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon. They will discuss your expectations and any concerns you may have. Pricing and post-operative care will also be discussed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ear (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty may be a good option to reduce the chance of a child being teased or feeling different from their peers at school. While some children are able to cope with self-consciousness created by having prominent ears, others are not and will enjoy benefit from this surgery. Some people’s anxiety about their ears may continue into adulthood, and this should be discussed fully with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

The operative technique will depend on the patient’s physical features and your Specialist Plastic Surgeon’s methods. The aim is to create a more pronounced fold in the central portion of the ear by remodelling the cartilage. Skin is removed from behind the ear, part of the cartilage is folded or removed, and the ear is allowed to bend naturally towards the side of the head.

In Perth, otoplasty is performed in an accredited hospital, either as a day case or with a short hospital stay. This will depend on the patient’s general health, the extent of the procedure, and your surgeon’s advice.

Otoplasty may be carried out under local or general anaesthesia. Usually, children are given a general anaesthetic. The surgery takes about 1 hour and recovery is typically rapid.

Although no major complications are expected with an otoplasty procedure, some bleeding and bruising may occur. Occasionally, a set-back ear may protrude again, necessitating a second procedure. It is important to carefully follow your Specialist Plastic Surgeon’s advice to reduce the risk of complications.

A post-operative care plan will be discussed with you before and after the procedure. Patients are discharged with a head bandage which is worn for up to 1 week. Bandages are usually worn at night for a further 2 weeks.

Most patients are able to return to school or work in 1 week. To permit proper healing, excessive exercise should be avoided for the first 3 weeks after ear surgery.

The initial consultation with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will cost approximately $220 (fees vary slightly per surgeon) and take about 30-45 minutes.

Your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will provide an indication of the likely costs, such as your surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fees and hospital and theatre fees. Your surgeon’s fee includes all post-operative care and nurse dressings. Pricing will vary from case to case, but an indicative range of your surgeon’s fee is $3,000 to $5,000 excluding GST. Anaesthetist, hospital and theatre fees are additional.

Medicare and private health insurance rebates are only available for otoplasty surgery in Perth for patients aged 18 years or under. Your surgeon can provide you with more information, but you would then need to talk to your private health insurer to determine if they will provide any cover and confirm what your final out-of-pocket costs will be. For patients over 18 years of age, no Medicare or private health insurance rebates are available.

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The Australian Foundation for Plastic Surgery (part of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons) is a helpful and reliable source of information online. Their website is an excellent place to research a range of surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments, and view video animations. Click here to visit their website.