What you need to know before undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery

News.com.au | Beauty | 5 April 2018
Story by Rebecca Sullivan

In Australia there are no rules preventing dodgy, unqualified doctors from passing themselves off as ‘cosmetic doctors’. Here’s how to choose a surgeon that will get it right the first go.

Cosmetic surgery is no longer the sneaky, shameful secret it once was.

Women literally get wrinkle relaxers in their lunch breaks. Clinics in local shopping centres proudly advertise injectables in their store fronts.

It’s not a question of if, but how many, of the people in your life have had some kind of work done.

But the challenge for consumers is making sure they pick a qualified clinician.

That isn’t always easy, because anyone with a standard medical degree is legally allowed to perform cosmetic surgical procedures in Australia.

This week news.com.au is examining why a lack of industry regulation and confusion about the term ‘cosmetic doctor’ means patients are handing over their bodies and cash to dodgy doctors, with devastating and often lethal consequences.

We’ve asked industry experts to explain exactly what you need to look for when choosing to undergo a cosmetic or plastic surgical procedure.

  1. Are they registered with AHPRA?
  2. Are they a member of an industry body?
  3. Have you read any reviews online?
  4. Make sure you have a face-to-face consultation first
  5. Make sure their marketing seems legit
  6. Remember all procedures carry risk

Click here to read the full article that provides more information on the above points.

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