In the Media

Unregulated Cosmetic ‘Cowboy Doctor’

Featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair recently was a worrying story highlighting the impact Australia’s lax regulations are having on some breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery patients. Sydney’s Dr Les Blackstock is a GP performing cosmetic procedures on women and leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. Read more…

Beauticate Review

Our clinic was reviewed by leading cosmetic blogger, Amy Mattes-Harris from Beauticate. Read what she thought of her experience here.

Fatten Up – Dermal Fillers

The West Australian | Mind+Body | 5/10/16 | Like to know more about facial fillers? Featured in The West Australian’s Mind+Body liftout, Assure Cosmetic Centre cosmetic nurse, Robyn Hindmarsh explains how dermal fillers can treat facial ageing, how to ensure they look natural, how often the treatment is needed, and answers other common questions.

Eye Spy – Blepharoplasty

The West Australian | Mind+Body | 28/4/16 | Blepharoplasty is in the top-five cosmetic procedure requests in Australia. The West Australian’s Emma Chitty reports on the popular surgical procedure of eye lifts, with advice from Assure’s own specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Mark Hanikeri.

Cosmetic Trends

The West Australian | Mind+Body | 4/2/16 | Australians now spend as much as $1 billion annually on appearance medicine. In a bid to compete with cheaper cosmetic tourism, Assure has released all-inclusive breast augmentation packages for $8,990, a treatment traditionally priced from $10,000 to $15,000. Find out more.

ABC Reports Patient Lives at Risk

ABC News has published findings from a leaked report showing that a cosmetic surgery clinic in the Eastern States had placed patients’ health and safety at risk. The damning report highlights the dangers of choosing the wrong type of doctor to perform breast implant surgery. Read more…