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Overseas Surgery

Considering having cosmetic surgery overseas?  The options are endless for combining surgery with a holiday at a variety of popular South East Asian destinations, but also in locations further afield. Commonly known as ‘medical tourism’, it may look appealing – the price for surgery seems low and the destination exotic.

New Product – r-Retinoate

We are excited to welcome re-Retinoate, a powerful new retinol product by Medik8. This ‘youth activating cream’ has 5 key active ingredients, making it more effective than retinol. Find out more…

Most effective LED now at Assure

We are excited to welcome the most powerful LED light therapy device on the market – HEALITE II. Clinical trials have shown it to be the strongest and most effective phototherapy treatment there is. Find out more and book your treatment with us.

Assure Cosmetic Centre Magazine

View or download our Assure Cosmetic Centre magazine here. Read stories on breast implant surgery, simple anti-ageing skin care, cosmetic injections and the latest surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments.

Breast Surgery Warning

For anyone considering breast surgery, a serious warning features in this news story by the Daily Mail Australia. It reports that unaccredited medical practitioners without specialist surgical accreditation from the Australian Medical Association are legally performing cosmetic surgery in Australia, which can bring with it, significant risks.

Non-Surgical Skin Rescue

Addressing concerns you have about your skin need not involve surgery or downtime, nor does it need to be painful or expensive. Advances in skin technology have provided exciting new ways to treat skin problems. Read our recommendations of the best non-surgical solutions for today’s most common skin problems.