ABC Surgery Probe

A prominent cosmetic surgery clinic in Sydney is under investigation by health authorities for alleged inappropriate use of anaesthetics. The probe highlights how important it is to choose the right type of surgeon when electing to have any form of cosmetic surgery.

It is not a well known fact, but there is a significant difference between a ‘cosmetic surgeon’ and a ‘plastic surgeon’. In Australia, any doctor can perform surgery and call themselves a ‘cosmetic surgeon’. Consequently, the training, skills and experience of cosmetic surgeons varies greatly, as can the operating environments used and the use of anaesthetics.

For any cosmetic procedure, it is very important you check that your surgeon is a specialist plastic surgeon. You can read more about what to look for here.

At Assure, all our surgeons are specialist plastic surgeons and fully accredited members of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) and the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons – recognised as the only legitimate professional body representing the field of cosmetic surgery in Australia.

Your surgery at Assure takes place in a fully-accredited, premium hospital under general anaesthetic, administered by a fully-qualified anaesthetist accredited with ANZCA (the Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists).

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