ZO Brightalive Skin Brightener

ZO Skin Health’s Brightalive is an advanced skin brightener that treats hyperpigmentation and sun damage without the use of retinol or hydroquinone.

This revolutionary 12-hour time-release formula uses a multi-vector skin pigment management approach to reduce the appearance of brown spots, even out skin tone and block the production of pigmentation.

The cream contains Alpha Arbutin, encapsulated in a special delivery system, along with Ascorbyl glucoside and other skin brightening complexes to brighten skin pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production. These key ingredients work alongside Glycerin to restore your skin’s barrier moisture balance, Papain to exfoliate dead skin cells and plant extracts to calm and soothe irritated skin.

Apply to clean, dry skin in the morning and evening.

Brightalive can be used alone however, when using in the morning, ensure you apply after your vitamin C serum and before your sunscreen.

Why do our clients love this product? 

  • Great for all skin types
  • Mild enough for everyday use
  • Helps prevent future damage
  • Enhances the skin barrier system
  • Promotes a more even skin tone and healthy glow
  • No prescription required

Pick up yours at Assure Cosmetic Centre or call (08) 9380 0380 to order over the phone.

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