New Breakthrough Skin Treatment

Leading international dermatologists Dr Munavalli and Dr Kaufman have shared their experience using Lutronic’s Infini, a high-intensity, focused RF (radio frequency) device which bypasses the epidermis to deliver RF energy deep into the dermis where collagen and elastin are generated.  They discuss how this breakthrough technology allows them to more effectively treat acne scars and a variety of hard-to-treat skin conditions, including neck laxity, wrinkles and jowls.

Click here to view the webinar by Dr Munavalli and Dr Kaufman highlighting their success with Infini. To read testimonials and to view a gallery of before and after photos, click here to visit the Infini website.

Assure Cosmetic Centre is pleased to offer fractional RF rejuvenation using the Infini. Click here to read more about this revolutionary skin treatment now available at Assure.

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