What results can I expect from nose surgery in Perth?

Nose surgery aims to achieve the following results:

  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Make the nose look more symmetrical (keeping in mind that perfect symmetry is not always possible)
  • Make the nose a little smaller or larger
  • Restore the height of a flattened area
  • Alter the appearance of the nasal tip
  • Reduce the size of large nasal openings
  • Correct a hump deformity
  • Improve the look of the nose in relation to the upper lip
  • Correct birth defects
  • Repair damage caused by injury or disease
  • Open up nasal passages and improve breathing

The degree of improvement from rhinoplasty depends on the basic structure of your nose and skin. Changes may often be subtle and not initially obvious, with the aim being a natural-looking, improved shape which complements your face. Occasionally, minor adjustments may be required.

The desired end result should be improvement, not perfection. Your Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Assure Cosmetic Centre is the best person to determine if your expectations are achievable.

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