How much do breast implants in Perth cost?

Your first consultation with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will cost $250 and is pre-paid. It is without obligation and deductable against the cost of your surgery if you choose to go ahead. The cost of breast implants in Perth is a commonly asked question. Your consultation will allow you to discuss this and other questions to help you make an informed decision.

We offer a special package for breast augmentation patients – for one all-inclusive price of $10,990 (including GST), which covers your Specialist Plastic Surgeon’s fee, Specialist Anaesthetist’s fee, all hospital and theatre fees, the cost of your implants and post-operative care. Read more about our Fabulous Breasts package here.

Medicare and private health insurance rebates are not typically available for breast implant surgery in Perth. Your surgeon can provide you with more information, but you would then need to talk to your private health insurer to determine if they will provide any cover.

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