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Spas with benefits

The West Australian | Mind&Body | 4/3/14 Specialist plastic surgeon Brigid Corrigan says the beauty industry is moving away from feel-good treatments that don’t go beyond skin hydration and relaxation. “What we now have is a much more educated client, demanding greater results through the use of cosmeceuticals, high-level technology and, in certain cases, complementary… Read more »

Change for the better

The West Australian | Mind&Body | 26/3/13 Is there part of your body that makes you miserable? The West Australian’s Alecia Hancock reports on how you can transform it. Assure’s Dr Brigid Corrigan says while feeling comfortable with your physical appearance can be a very positive shift, it is important to remember it’s not the… Read more »

May I help?

The West Australian | Mind&Body | 26/3/13 Mind & Body talks to prominent Perth clinics about the wide variety of procedures they specialise in. Assure’s Dr Brigid Corrigan says plastic surgery can help patients in a number of ways.

Adventures in manscaping

Scoop Magazine | Spring 2013 Think the salon, makeup counter and cosmetic surgery clinic are the domain of women alone? Think again. Scoop’s Jessica Rule looks at how manscaping is going mainstream. “These days, men have a much better understanding of what is available and have access to a wealth of information. It is very… Read more »

Breast results

Scoop Magazine | Summer 2013 The growing popularity of breast augmentation is undeniable, but can the procedure offer more than a boost to the bust? Scoop’s Jessica Rule reports on a new study which says it can even improve your sex life. “It’s fair to say the impact of breast surgery on a person’s mental… Read more »

Boobs or BUST

Sheila Magazine | Autumn 2012 More women are choosing to improve the look of their busts through plastic surgery. Sheila Magazine features Assure as a new Perth clinic opened to provide specialty service to women considering breast surgery.