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Pump it up

The West Australian | Mind&Body | 24/3/15 “Fractional radio frequency rejuvenation is an advanced skin treatment designed to address sagging skin, ageing skin, wrinkles and acne scarring. The treatment uses a state-of-the-art electronic devise that bypasses the epidermis to deliver RF energy deep into the dermis, where collagen and elastin are generated” says Assure’s Dr… Read more »

Defy gravity

The West Australian | Mind&Body | 19/8/14 “For many women, age or child bearing usually results in the breasts losing fat and the breast tissue starting to thin. While the underlying tissue shrinks, the skin doesn’t, causing the areola and nipple to droop,” says Assure’s Dr Brigid Corrigan. “A breast lift can correct sagging and… Read more »

Refresh my face

The West Australian | Mind&Body | 19/8/14 You could take years off your looks with the latest anti-ageing treatments. The West Australian’s Amy Collins-Walker learns more. “Fillers treat lines and wrinkles, disguise depressed scars, enhance cheekbones, add volume to the mid-face, treat sunken eyes or bags, strengthen a sagging jawline and enlarge the lips,” says… Read more »

Time to reshape

The West Australian | Mind&Body | 19/8/14 Losing lots of kilos is certainly impressive but it can lead to an unexpected problem, Emma Chitty reports that surgeons can help.

Show some leg

The West Australian | Mind&Body | 19/8/2014 The ravages of time can take their toll but there are some remarkable treatments to improve your pins, writes The West Australian’s Amanda Lewis. Assure’s Dr Brigid Corrigan says legs can be sculpted and their overall appearance improved by targeting areas such as the thighs, hips and buttocks… Read more »

Spas with benefits

The West Australian | Mind&Body | 4/3/14 Specialist plastic surgeon Brigid Corrigan says the beauty industry is moving away from feel-good treatments that don’t go beyond skin hydration and relaxation. “What we now have is a much more educated client, demanding greater results through the use of cosmeceuticals, high-level technology and, in certain cases, complementary… Read more »