Beau Visage Skin Assessment

Included with every initial free consultation, Assure Cosmetic Centre offers a complimentary professional skin assessment using the Beau Visage advanced skin imaging system.

Perth Skin Analysis

Beau Visage allows our dermal therapists to view up to 2mm beneath the surface of the skin to capture 3D digital photographs (front on and each side of the face). From these photos, blood and melanin chromophore maps are developed, which include a vital image showing sun damage.

Using a SIAscope screening tool, we can provide a sun damage score by comparing facial skin against an area of unexposed skin. This enables us to assess overall skin health.

The results of our assessment are used to decide what improvements can be achieved. Your dermal therapist can recommend a regime of treatments and home care products matched perfectly to your skin’s needs.

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To receive your complimentary Beau Visage skin assessment, book a free consultation with our skincare specialists.

At Assure Cosmetic Centre, you are in the care of an expert medical team. You will always feel informed, comfortable and confident.