Assure Cosmetic Centre Magazine

Read our new Assure Cosmetic Centre magazine here. Stories featuring in this edition include:

  • Do you know the difference? – ‘Specialist Plastic Surgeon’ versus ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’.
  • How we can help – an overview of the latest surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments.
  • All about injectables – a look at the different types of cosmetic injections, plus answers to some commonly asked questions.
  • So you’re thinking about getting breast implants? – Dr Brigid Corrigan answers your questions about breast augmentation surgery.
  • Anti-ageing skin care – Dr Vij Vijayasekaran explains how to reduce skin ageing.
  • Fractional RF skin rejuvenation – our advanced skin rejuvenation treatment achieving great results.
  • Non-surgical skin rescue – ways to solve your skin problems without surgery or downtime.

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